Aerospace Museum Visit Report.

On Thursday July 26th on another very hot day members from GayWest arrived at around 11am to join us on a visit to the new Aerospace Bristol Museum at Filton.

Here you will be able to see displays covering the History of plane making in Bristol and including the last Concorde 216.

As it was such a good turn out we all agreed to meet up at 1pm in the Café and went our separate ways around the museum, some went to view the Concorde fist while others went though the various rooms were you travel through the years of plane development in Bristol. This started in 1909 and continues to this day in the shape of the Airbus works. The amazing thing you will notice is that in a time span of only 60 years the construction of planes went from crude wooden affairs to supersonic high tech structures such as Concorde. an amazing feat. I also did not realize that there was a plane named “The Bristol Jet fighter” that was made at Filton during World War two. a lot of interesting things to see and well worth the visit. We did all meet up at the Café at 1pm and we were still there at 2pm! One thing you are able to do is get the sense of what it was like to travel in Concorde, something maybe some of you had done when she was still flying. all in all a great GayWest outing.



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